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Edit Participant Fields for Other Users

Edit Participant Fields for Other Users

We would like to be able to use participant custom fields to keep track of process roles for our participants (for example, Jane is the Software Tester and Mark is a Mentor, and Julie is the Auditor).  Right now because these fields cannot be set by the person setting up the review, it puts the onus on each participant to log on and change their field.  It would be great to allow the person setting up the record to enter this type of participant information which would be more efficient and less error prone than the current workflow supported by Collaborator.

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It will better if the role can be some how preset, otherwise use will always need to set the same role for every review raised.


Jane is the Software Tester

So her role in the custom field will be automatically set to Software Tester for all the new reviews

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When creating a new review, Collaborator lets the creator add previous roles to the review with one click in the "Recent Participant" section.  Maybe that feature could be extended to also remember the participant field values set by the review creator.

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In our organization, we have some people (SQA) that always will have the same role, but because of our matrixed engineering organization, a Systems Engineer may be the Project Engineer on one project, a Lead Systems Engineer on another, and even just a Systems engineer on another one.  We need the ability to set this specific for a particular review.  If it can remember the last role a person was assigned, then it could stay the same for repeated reviews on a particular project without having to change it.  It would be very helpful to have the same people that can change review information (based on role/template), also be able to change this participant information (review creator).

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This was actually implemented sometime in the late 9.x series.  Anything recent has this available.

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This feature was released in Collaborator 11.3 (thanks SmartBear :)).

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