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Not Able to set up an API monitor

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Not Able to set up an API monitor

Dear Admin,

I am using AlertSite for the first time. I have created an account on alertsite and have done all the procedures, but I am not able to set up the API monitor on AlertSite the step of Uploading the .zip file of the test suite i created.

I am not getting the screen of selecting the test case i need to use.

After uploading the .zip file i have the following screen:

Please let me know if i am not following the correct process or else.

Also, please tell whether normal test suites could be used or only mock services can be used in it.
Thanks & Regards,
Nishant Sharma
Software Quality Analyst
Tek Travels Pvt. Ltd

We have some help docs here:

Are you still having troubles? 
Jen Falasca
Community Manager & Customer Advocate

You have to include Test Suites in the Project File to run tests with AlertSite. Make sure you have created at least one Test Suite within the project file before exporting it as a zip. The Test Suites within the project will then appear below this in the UI.
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