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Traceroute Feature Request

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by Jvculek on ‎12-21-2015 12:05 PM



I would like to suggest that you add the ability to perform a traceroute on demand from the new console.  It is very helpful to be able to compare successful traceroutes to failed ones.  Thanks

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In Alertsite only one user can be admin. Co-admins can create and modify configurations but the "Emulate browser" field is hidden for them in the classic UI. As Internet Explorer 6 is the default browser, configurations created by co-admins are completely disconnected from modern web behaviour. This can be very impacting and requires assistance of the admin to fix configurations.


Can you allow co-admins to view and edit the "Emulate browser" field in the Alertsite classic UI?




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This is specifically for the old interface, which I assume would get ported to the new interface.



Summary: Type 'notification' blackouts do not apply to Performance Alerts


Currently, blackouts of type 'monitoring' affect both device/availability and performance alerts.


Blackouts of type 'notification' affect only device/availability alerts and NOT performance alerts.


I would expect a blackout to stop all alerts/notifications, certainly if I don’t care about availability I wouldn’t need performance info -- or at least that's my case.


The way it currently works I would call it a partial 'notification' blackout.





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Ability to add Blackout period for a past date in Alertsite

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by panchi_7 ‎09-28-2016 04:04 AM - edited ‎09-28-2016 04:06 AM

Hi Alertsite team,


could you please add the feature to enable Blackout period for a past date, currently this option is not available and we are only able to add Blackout period for future date/time.




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We have a primary and a sub-account in our AlertSite portal. If I login to the primary account and use the Switch Account to work with the separate set of monitors for the sub-account, I currently get automatically logged in to the primary administrative userid on the sub-account. This causes issues in the Chart facility, where it continually requests the userid/password for the primary account, and that account is not my own and I don't know the password.


I would suggest that when you use the Switch Account, you can assign a specific userid to be associated in the sub-account.



Larry Rosenberg

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Edit HTML Templates & Time of Error variable

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by GMVarun on ‎11-09-2015 09:23 AM

Our team would like the ability to edit HTML Templates.
Our team would like a "Time of Error" variable option added so we can include that time in the alert for reference and as a starting point for analysis.

Copy URL from run history

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by markgassner on ‎11-23-2015 05:42 AM

In the new UI when reviewing a run there is no way to copy the URL that is part of the waterfall. this can only be done manually by standing on the URL and then copying is letter for letter. These URLs are many times very long.  

This actually used to work and for some reason was stopped where you could click on the link and it would open the URL in a new browser window but again this has stopped working for some reason.


Download monitor search for DejaClick

Status: New Idea
by Staff on ‎07-26-2016 11:14 AM

Currently when downloading a transaction from an account via DejaClick for local use, it can be hard to find a transaction depending on the naming convention used in a long list of monitor names. Adding a search option to find a specific monitor would help speed up re-recording and troubleshooting scripts.

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I noticed that the Server/Device Ping information does not appear on the new UI.  The Legacy UI does contain this information/functionality, and having this is crucial to my subscription.

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Dejaclick URL exclusions before recording

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by NPDE on ‎12-11-2015 10:00 AM

Add the ability for Dejaclick to have URL exclusions set before a recording starts. 


Adding a URL Exclusion block after a transaction is recorded can fail the recording playback. Providing an option to block a URL during the recording process would avoid this issue.


Today this can be achieved by setting up proxies outside of Firefox and Chrome and blocking that specific request but it would be much simpler to manage directly in Dejaclick.

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Having an exportable report to show monitor details (interval, # locations, type, time uploaded and by who, last modified, etc.) would give account admins a more consolidated view of their deployment. Currently a version of this is available in 1.0 using the configure screens, but additional information is still found only within certain screens. The ability to see what was modified and by what user over the last week for example could be very useful.

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When I add a TestCase from my SoapUI project to the AlertSite API Monitor, I noticed that AlertSite counts TestSteps that I have disabled in my TestCase.


As both AlertSite Pro and Community Edition ONLY offer 5 steps limitation, it would greatly help if you didn't count the steps that I have disabled in my TestCase in SoapUI.


Currently, the only thing I can do now is to delete my disabled TestSteps, add the TestCase to my API Monitor, then add these TestSteps back to my TestCase. Not exactly fun.


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Allow XML Imports from API version 2

Status: New Idea
by aidencolie on ‎08-22-2016 08:14 AM

I was trying to set up a Dashboard using Excel.  This works quite well when using Version 1 of the API, which I can use to import data into Excel using XML.  However, Version 2 uses Json instead, and Excel does not have a function for importing Json.  Can you make XML an option for API Version 2?


Thank you.

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Currently the Report API does not provide a way to query Step level data for API Monitors.
We need to develop custom reporting application by pulling data using Report API to report response time on step level.
This is already available for Web Monitors through Txndetail Endpoint but not for API Monitors.



Saroj Upadhaya

Upgrade Browsers

Status: New Idea
by jbolton on ‎08-08-2016 12:20 PM

We recently upgraded our website, and it requires Firefox version 47 or greater to successfully run a recorded script using DejaClick.  When I run it on AlertSite, however, it fails, and I found out that it's because you're still on version 24 of Firefox.  We need the browsers upgraded to the latest version in order to successfully monitor transactions on our website. 



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There should be a way to configure InSite boxes to use HTTPS rather than cleartext HTTP for the admin interface. As it is now, accessing these devices is done in an unsecure method which could be compromised. According to support, the 1.6.3 version of the software that is running on these boxes does not have this ability and although it is thought to be included in a future release, there is no predetermined date for release. This is just one of the features that these InSite boxes fail to provide for customers. As such, I believe that a more robust effort should be made to make the InSite boxes comparative in nature to running scripts through the pay per click methodology.

We intend to do most of our reporting via API-obtained data, we would prefer the API feature was enhanced to support multiple devices for SLA Detail. We would also like an API call for the SLA Summary report.

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when I add Custom Header to a script, via the "Custom Headers" -> Add


and it is called Cookie with "Header Options" = "Merge Values"


it indeed ads a cookie to each request of the script, unfortunately, it merges it with the other cookies that are set by the server with separator "," instead of the standard separator ";"


e.g. the final Cookie strings looks like:


optimizelyBuckets=%7B%7D*;* optimizelyPendingLogEvents=%5B%5D*, *
please note that I have added the Cookie: X-Backend=node1 to the string by setting the "Custom Headers"


this is also documented in ticket - Case #00131956


also see attached screenshot


many thanks








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xMatters integration

by benglish on ‎09-15-2016 08:02 AM - last edited on ‎09-15-2016 09:03 AM by Moderator Moderator
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The great thing about AlertSite are the performance metrics you're able to look at- you're also currently able to export these Reports into CSVs and emails, and schedule them.


What I would like to do is have the ability to schedule exporting reports into CSV files into a local path on the client side. That way if we schedule certain performance reports daily, we can write a script or use a log analyzer like Splunk to pick up these reports and allow us a lot more flexibility and ease of use in maintaining and tracking our performance.