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9 years ago
New Idea

SoapUI - Folders in Projects

Right now the only grouping possible is by project, it would be nice to be able to have folders inside this projects.


This way the "workbench" can be a little cleaner.


Anyway, thanks in advance and thanks for such a helping tool.


Best regards and keep up the wood work!




  • I agree with the previous comments mentioned above.

    If we have many test suites, having a folder structure that could be expanded / collapsed would help a lot.

    For example having a very large project and having test suites grouped by modules would be easier if we could have a folder structure like:

    1. Module1:
    •    TestSuite1  -> TC1 / TC2 / TC3...
    •    TestSuite2 -> TC1 / TC2
    • Module2:
    •    TestSuite1  -> TC1 / TC2 / TC3...
    •    TestSuite2 -> TC1 / TC2

    Also for different testing:

    1. Smoke testing module1: TS -> TC
    2. Smoke testing module2: TS -> TC
    3. Regression testing module1: TS -> TC
    4. Regression testing module2: TS -> TC

    If this were to be implemented the actual project structure for very large projects would be so much better.

    1. Thank you,
    2. D.
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    TestStep Folders would also be very appreciated, so we can group multiple Tests with the same Request within a Testcase for example