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Improvisation on custom dashboards - Ability to add required charting data to the custom dashboard

Use case: For app teams which supports multiple apps, they would be interested to view certain key metrics only for the apps that they support which are monitored in SmartBear AlertSite

Current Scenario: We can create saved chart for all those apps for the required metrics at monitor/step level series as well as the group dashboard. But, we had to create couple of saved charts in order to view the key metrics at a granular level (If we are adding all those metrics to a same chart, the chart becomes too clumsy due to 2 different metrics with different dimensions of reported metric values that makes the chart to be difficult to read. Example: Adding availability and response time metric to the same chart). 
Proposal: Ability to allow individual saved charts to the custom dashboards (or) to allowing the required metrics of interest at monitor/step level series (response time, availability, DNS etc...) filtered at specific monitor level to be added directly to the custom dashboards

Below are the other proposals concerning custom dashboards:

1) To include time range selection window onto individual widget level or for the entire dashboard level
2) Ability to send these custom dashboards directly to end users (reports) on scheduled basis/adhoc via email in pdf/csv formats.
3) custom dashboards to be shareable without auth (via token key) or atleast to be made available to all users within the same account (rather than those dashboards to be viewable only for those who create it)
4) Bug: Alert Summary widget in custom dashboard shows the browser/device timezone but the displayed timestamp for every other dashboards is in GMT
5) To include search box for alerts and events summary widget


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