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2 years ago

readyapi 3.20 dashboard does not load

I was running tests in ready api 3.20 up until yesterday, but after a restart of my machine today, I am not able to use it anymore. After opening readyapi, I can see it in Task manager, but the actual dashboard does not appear.  I have already tried uninstalling/re-installing it.


The logs says it has been initialised but I dont see the dashboard


2022-03-02 15:55:01,827 INFO [ReadyApiInitializer] All modules loaded
2022-03-02 15:55:02,612 INFO [ModuleLoader] Module [ReadyApiUI] added 8 actionGroups, 9 actions, 1 factories, 0 listeners, 0 toolbar components.
2022-03-02 15:55:02,613 INFO [ReadyApiInitializer] Loading took 2762 ms
2022-03-02 15:55:02,667 INFO [ReadyApiMain] Starting ReadyAPI 3.20.0 (build 7966)
2022-03-02 15:55:07,954 INFO [EnabledWebViewBasedBrowserComponent] Couldn't load, Showing fallback page: null



Any ideas?

  • the solution was to delete files in the readyapi folder located in the "C:\Users\<username>" folder.  

    Seems they have been corrupted.

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