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6 years ago
New Idea

OS/Browser Combinations

Currently in crossbrowser in TestComplete- When we select the OS then it display all the browsers even though those browsers are not available/supported in the selected OS.


For e.g. When Windo 7or Window 7 64 bit is selected then under the browser we can see the Microsoft Edge options even though Microsoft Edge is not supported in Window 7 so when the user select the Microsoft Edge then testcomplete change the OS automatically back to Window 10 which is expected . But this sometime is confusing for the users. Because in future new OS and this new browsers will kepp coming up. we should have this feature developed in such a manner that it do not give wrong information to the users.

I would recommend the following steps


1. Pick OS
2. New combo box appears with Browsers. Only the supported browsers appear.
3. New combo box appears with resolution. Only supported resolutions appear.


Let me know when we can have this feature implemented .

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