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7 years ago

Modify auto-formatting of closing bracket and quotation marks

I've requested the option turn this off completely, but if that does not happen, I'm suggesting an improvement to the functionality:


Currently there is some logic that will remove the closing quote/bracket in certain situations, but not in one particular situation where I strongly believe it should. When I type a quote or bracket immediately preceding or following existing alpha or numeric text, I am almost always correcting something I did not code perfectly in the first place. What currently happens is I try to insert a single quote before some text that's already in place, and I get two quotes and have to remove one (once I notice it), and again when I move to the end of the existing text to add the closing quote. I am quite frequently having to delete these auto-inserted closing marks.


So, my suggestion is to not insert the closing quote/bracket when the cursor position is immediately before or immediately at the end of alpha or numeric text.


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    I believe that this behavior is corrected in TestComplete 12.40 that has been released this week. Could you please check this and confirm if this feature now works as you expect?

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    YES! Thank you for implementing this change. I've been using 12.40 today and have encountered much less frustration. I've done some preliminary testing and have not found any incidents when a closing mark is inserted when I don't want it. Thanks again!

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    I am glad to let everyone know that this feature request has been implemented.