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10 years ago
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Ability to share a Name Mapping file



When you have multiple applications with common parts and that you have multiple TC projects, it is a real pain to maintain the Name Mapping files. Editing each one to match a common part change makes you wonder... Basically, the unique Name Mapping file forces a reorganization of such projects into one or try Alex's workaround.


As we can already share script files between projects why couldn't we share Name Mapping files ?



Simon Glet


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    if it can also be extended as a shared namemapping file (or database table whatever the 1000 solution could be) it should be good.

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    I think this suggestion may be outdated.  When creating a project, so long as the project doesn't already have a NameMapping.tcNM file, I can right click on the project, select "Add Existing Item" and browse to an existing NameMapping.tcNM file.  There should be no problems with this as I've been using this means of doing so in TC 12 since October 2016.