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6 years ago
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Ability to pin and unpin tabs in Project workspace



I regularly manage to have enough KWTs, scripts and project tabs open to make the tabs run into a second row.  I find though that at any given time there's only 2 or 3 I use intensively at a time.  For example, I have a test keywordtest for experimenting with new scripts.  Each time I open a script to debug or step through that tab gets pushed out until it ends up on the second row of tabs and I have to search for it again - repeatedly.  What would be awesome is if we could say, decide three tabs are used very intensively at the moment and are important to have them within easy reach, please always keep them leftmost in the tabs.  I know there is right click=>default docking in Workspace, which appens to move it to the top if it's already tabbed, but as soon as I decide some other tab is more important, default docking in Workspace kicks all the tabs all over the show again and I have to redo the docking.  Just a plain "Pin" and it always stays there and "Unpin" and it can go where it wants again would suffice.




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