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9 years ago
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Streamline the test runner when a test is executed from the Test Library

To run one test from the Test Library, there is currently a lot of unnecessary clicking. It would be very helpful if unneeded test runner steps were removed when an individual test is being executed rather than a test set. For example, in the Test Library, I click on the Run Now icon, select the release and then have to click the Run Test icon again. As there is only one test, why not display step one after the release is selected?


There is an icon for “Next Test”. As this is not a run of a test set, there is no next test, so that icon should not display.


If I click “Pass All Steps” or “Fail All Steps”, that should be the end of the test. Instead, I click “End Run” and I have to click to pass again.


This may seem minor, but lots of clicking becomes very burdensome when we have many, many tests and not a lot of time.

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  • Agree - most of the functionality requires way too many clicks. And the layout of where you have to move your mouse to click on things does not help make it easier!  Sorry I can't help, just sympathizing - I feel your pain!  


    I have submitted enhancement requests to this effect - hopefully other users do as well because if only 1 customer mentions it, it doesn't move up on their priority list.