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9 years ago
New Idea

Invite Non-Collaborator users when adding participants

This is an extension to the existing “Invite a Colleague” feature currently available, except allow the user to enter email address directly in the participant list:

  1. If someone creating a new review can’t find a user in the participant list (because they haven’t created their account yet), their email address is added to the participant list (the email address should leverage the same regular expression filter as the current setting for invite a colleague).
  2. Collaborator would send an email to the user, and ideally there would be a notification template where I could add specific instructions on how the user can log in and create their account, similar to any other email notifications sent by the Collaborator server.

And even if the user did not create their account / did not participate in the review, the review record would at least accurately show all the people who were invited to the review.

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