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5 years ago

Copying Monitors

We ran into a use case yesterday where we were simply re-pointing our target URL in an API monitor so that a test could be conducted in a lower environment with a different URL.The ability to copy a monitor would have negated the need to re-create the monitor from scratch using the same arguments that existed for our production monitor. Instead, we could have simply copied the monitor, and changed the target URL.


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    This can be done using AlertSite API - you can make an API call to fetch the existing monitor configuration, then another API call to create a new monitor with the same configuration but a different URL.

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    Monitor cloning is now available!


    Cloning can be initiated from the dashboard, monitor settings screen, and the monitor configuration summary screen. Look for the "Clone Monitor" command under the gear icon.



    This command will take you to the configuration screen for the new monitor so you can modify the configuration before saving and enabling the new monitor.


    Cloning copies all monitor settings except for blackouts, recipients groups, performance alerts, tile sharing, SLAs.

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