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4 years ago

Copy ReadyAPI request as curl?

Can I copy a request in ReadyAPI as a curl string? That way, I can easily share it with others or put it in bug reports. If not, then can this feature be added later?

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    Hey rajs2020,

    Can you rephrase your question, im not quite understanding. Are you saying you want to copy a request from ReadyAPI! and use it as a curl request, or do you mean something different? Im not really understanding.... curl uses a specific syntax like wget....has specific switches that ReadyAPI! isnt cognizant of.


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      In Postman, we can convert an api call to curl format and more. In ReadyAPI, I see a request pane which has 4 tabs - Request, Raw, Outline, Form. Can I convert the request there to curl format ? I was hoping we could right click the Raw tab and get options to convert that request to curl, just like we do in Postman.