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3 years ago

TestsCases and related zephyr actions missing

Hello there, 

Over the weekend (probably due to some updated?) our test cases and related zephyr actions went missing from our project that is integrated with zephyr (attachment no.1). 

In addition to that Zephys start to demand to add a dedicated ticket type for zephyr - it has been added before and is still added, nothing changed on our side (attachment no.2) - but new (looks like) incorrectly names as - Tect - ticket type has appeard. (attachment no.3). 

After adding this new TECT issue type to our scheme newly created tickets in this category does show necessary field (attachment no.4). 

I've looked though changelogs and news for zephyr, I saw that you introduced some improvements for test cases - Is this related? Is this change intentional? 

My main question is - how we can restore hundreds of our missing  test cases to existing tickets? 

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    Alright, I've added "Tect" ticket type and moved one of our existing tickets from "Test" to "Tect" ticket type, Test cases showed up again so at least they are not lost. 

    Question is - why second instance of the same ticket type appeard in jira but in cyrylic alphabet? is this some kind of bug? should we move all existing test ticket types to "Tect" type? or just wait for the fix? 

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    We are also suffering from this.  And we too have hundreds of test cases to resolve.


    I can see what has happened.  There was an attempt at automatic update at 12:13:56 PM on the 10th October, followed by an install of Zephyr.  Both with a user of 'anonymous' so definitely an automatic update.


    The first thing on the Zephyr installation instructions is "Before installing Zephyr Squad in Jira, go to Jira Settings > Issues > Issue types and make sure there is no issue type with the name Test. If it exists, please remove or rename this issue type."


    So Zephyr, finding existing the issue type 'Test', has made a new one of its own called 'Tect' - which is now the 'official' Zephyr test type.


    Like others on here I can rename Tests to Tect but that's not exactly a long term solution.  


    I suspect the solution going to be to move all Test to Tect, remove the Test issue type, uninstall and reinstall Zephyr (which, since there is no 'Test' should create one) and then move everything in Tect to Test.


    BUT - I'd rather not touch anything without confirmation in case I make things very much worse. 


    Watching this thread with interest, as I have no idea how to get out of this.


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      There was a new version of Zephyr that was released (8.0.1) over the weekend (10/9-10/10) which is what has caused this issue. We have already identified a root cause and will be deploying a fix so that it does not impact any more customers.


      Root Cause

      We had earlier (couple of weeks back) fixed an issue with some language settings that would check and automatically create TEST issue type for different languages. During 8.0.1 release since there were Atlassian descriptor changes this effectively re-installed the application which triggered the language change to kick in and it has incorrectly modified the registered TEST issue type. This has not resulted in any data loss and all the data is still available.


      Next Steps

      If you/your instance has been impacted, please reach out to our support so that we can manually reset your TEST ID which should bring your tests back and should restore full functionality.

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        We have reached out several times yesterday and today.  A case was created.  We have not had a response as yet to proceed with the following:

        Next Steps

        If you/your instance has been impacted, please reach out to our support so that we can manually reset your TEST ID which should bring your tests back and should restore full functionality.


        Thank You!


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      Smartbear were able to solve this for us relatively easily and quickly.   


      If it's happened to you, they have a solution that doesn't involve you fiddling with it yourself - so get in touch with them.

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    I have filed case 

    Case: 00493149

    In regards to adding this new TECT issue type.

    Since this has happened we can no longer create test case steps or executions for the original issue type = TEST.

    This is a urgent issue that has been a problem for the past few  days.

    Please respond.