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4 years ago

[Inside Zephyr] Zephyr Squad Roadmap Revealed by Engineering Manager

Hi everyone!
Welcome to Inside Zephyr. This is an online event over the course of which you will not only meet the Zephyr Team, but also learn a lot of exclusive insights and get the chance to win prizes!
Today’s Inside Zephyr interview is with Naveen (naveen_ks), Zephyr Squad Engineering Manager. In this interview, Naveen talks about the Zephyr Squad roadmap and some features of the tool you should definitely check out. Take a look!
After you watch the interview, join in the discussion and you could easily win a prize*!
Today's topic for discussion:

What are your favorite features of Zephyr Squad and why?

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  • Hello,

    I'm new to Zephyr, but the very first thing is just awesome: the fact that Test is just another issue type and you can manage it however you want inside Jira. Isn't that brilliant?


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      pgrzegorski Thanks for your feedback. The reason its just like any other issue type is deliberate and like i alluded to the fact that we wanted to make Zephyr as intuitive as possible for end users. 


      Its good to hear  that our users are seeing the value in keeping the UX simple and in line with Jira UI, would love to hear more if there are other use cases that you like and found useful that you would want to share. 

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      Hi pgrzegorski ! Welcome to the Zephyr Squad Community. Thank you for sharing this with us 🙂 We'll be happy to hear your story too - let us know in the comments how you started your career in test management, it's always exciting to learn this!

      Besides, the more you contribute to the Inside Zephyr posts, the higher your chances are to win prizes😊