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2 years ago

'You have no permission to perform this action' Unable to create test case in Zephyr

New to using Zephyr, when I click on the three dots to create a test case, it shows 'You have no permission to perform this action' Do I need to set/request permissions from someone? How cou...
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    2 years ago


    I believe this issue may be occurring because you've enabled the permissions within the Zephyr Scale configuration screen. Can you verify? Please follow the steps below:


    1. In the JIRA main screen, click Projects → select the project you’re trying to use.

    2. Then, in the left panel, click Project Settings → Apps → Zephyr Scale

    3. In the next screen, you will see the manage toggles to control the Zephyr Scale functionalities. Scroll down and check the toggle for Permissions. It will be similar to this:


    Do make sure the “On/Off” toggle is set to Off, as it’s displayed in the above screenshot. In case it’s turned to “On", you must set roles and responsibilities to the users, and without that, you won’t be able to perform operations.

    Try to disable it and do let us know if it works.


    Best regards,
    Lucas Timm