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3 months ago

Search for Comments in a Test Case

Is there a way to search for/export all comments in a group of test cases? We were thinking about using comments in our test cases for documenting items we may want to look at later, or may need som...
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    3 months ago

    It seems odd to have the elegance of a comments page but no way to manage those comments other than click into each test case, but I agree with you - this seems to be the only way to find them.  The Server version of Scale had a Test Library reports section and maybe this used to include a report that enabled a view of comments but I'm on the Cloud version and can't check, and if you're on Cloud that doesn't help you solve your issue.

    It's a workaround, but you could instead create a custom Multi-line field for test cases, into which your team would add and save comments.  The field would be added into the home tab of a test case and will appear at the bottom section of that page.  You can then add multiple lines of comments, save, generate a report, and export the results into a spreadsheet/tool to filter only on those test cases that contain comments.  Not a very elegant solution but one that does work.