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3 years ago

Review comment search

I see there are many ways to search the review database for locating reviews based on title fields, etc.  What I am looking for is a way to search for reviews based on comment/bug text.  We may have multiple reviews from multiple product components and want to locate all information related to a design feature that impacts multiple design outputs.

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  • Cory,


    There is a Filter field for this for Review Defects. In your Reports screen, select "Customizable Defect Reports > All Review Defects". Choose the options you require in the top "Columns" frame. In the Filters section you'll see the field "Comment:" [Contains] [        ]. You can insert any string you want to search on in your review database to generate a report filtering specifically on Review Defect comments. Here's an example screen shot of my search looking for defects with the word "Separate" in them:



    You can then export this report in various formats for additional data parsing. If you want to query the database directly, there is also a link to save the SQL query Collaborator used to generate this report that you can then tailor to your particular needs.