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2 years ago

Can want retain the old issues(defects) which links to Jira in each new test cycle?

We create new issues(defects) during each regression test cycle, but the issues previously created which associated to the test case are wiped out every time a new test cycle is created. can we retai...
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    2 years ago

    Hi scoleman 


    Zephyr Enterprise can link multiple defects to a given test cycle(In ZE you can re-execute  test cycles and still obtain all of the execution history which is great also!) 


    If a new test cycle is created  you can still report this via traceability in ZE. 


    Given this is available in ZE I suspect you are using a plugin in Jira. 


    If this is case please post in the relevant community as this community is  Zephyr  Enterprise, a standalone fully fledge Test Management solution that has a bi directional real-time integration with Jira. 


    Zephyr Scale Community


    Zephyr Squad Community


    Hope this helps