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4 years ago

Windows Security prompt in Chrome will not accept password with ! in it

When running tests in TestComplete for Chrome, my URL prompts me for my UAT domain\username and password, but my password has an ! in it. (i.e. TeSt!ng1) Chrome will not accept it, but IE and Edge do...
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    4 years ago



    If you use .Keys() method to enter the password, then this is expected and documented behavior - '!' is a special character that simulates press of the Shift button. And it must be doubled to be entered as exclamation sign.

    For .SetText() method doubling is not required, but not all controls can be controlled using .SetText() method.

    If password is entered successfully for Edge and IE using .Keys() method without duplication of !, ~ and ^ characters (not sure about Project Variable of Password type), then this sounds like an issue that should be reported to Support via the form.