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5 years ago

Why the find method cannot see the text on the page?

Hi everyone,   I have this vbscript here looking some text on a webpage, it keeps telling me that the property value was not found, but I can see the text I want to verify is right there on the p...
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    5 years ago

    You can find using partial text.  You will just need to use regex in you propertu values e.g.


    Page.Find("contentText","regexp:(Your password has been)",100).Exists
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    5 years ago



    > it can't find partialy text?

    You can use wildcards. E.g. :

    Page.Find("contentText","Your password has been*",100).


    > I find out Edge was running in process, but I didn't launch it at all. [...] Any idea why is that?

    This is because in order to improve start time (and, possibly, do some other things that they think they must do disregarding your opinion;) ) a lot of overly smart modern applications continue to run in the background after you explicitly close them. :)