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5 years ago

while recording a keyword test in Mapped objects i see that three different browsers are created



i have intially recorded in a environment A and i see that the Mapped objects had created a hierarchy of Sys -> Browser.

i had set the URL as Project variable and was switching to see if the test cases recorded were getting executed successfully in Environment B.


but some Text Properties were not getting identified in any environemnts so i tried to recapture the objects in Environment A, but i see that now the mapped objects are getting created under Sys -> Broswer2.


Can someone help me with where or what i am doing wrong.



  • You're going to need to remove any mappings that are duplications.  The wildcard should correct the problem moving forward but you still need to clean up your existing mapping.

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    Yes... you need to edit your NameMapping for the page URL to be wildcarded.


    For example, let's say I have two web enironments



    Recording on the first one will map using that URL.  Go in to NameMapping, edit the page, and replace the URL with




    That will have the page mapping find the same page regardless of environment.

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        IF you're going to use the project variable, set the variable to the URL, not to the asterisk.  Asterisk is for wild-carding a string.