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5 months ago

While converting to xml report need a different tag in a single for each testcases

Hi Team,

Need to know how to organize the project suite to get the testcases mapped to testsuite field instead of testcase tag. In my given sample screenshot we have 2 different testcases but while mapping in QMertry it is coming as an single testcase(<testsuite> name) with step summary(<testcase> name), which is not an actual expectation. We need to know in a single Project suite how to derive or organize to get the different test suite (name = test case) mapping in QMetery.




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    Attached the screenshot of xml report generated from Testcomplete.

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    The XML file generated by TestComplete can not be change or customised. 

  • The xml structure can be changed from TC, this is done by creating external scripts to change things like tags and elements...

    However looking at the sample xml you shouldnt need to. your TM tool should be creating two test cases. 

    Why it is creating just one test case based on your <testsuite> is beyond me. 

    Its 2023 and test suites are likely to have many test cases. 

    Youll need to check with Qmetry and see can they change the way xml results are parsed on their side  

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      Hi vinniew 

      Thanks for the detailed explanation. I just need to understand how we can change the xml structure using external scripts. Is there any reference link or code reference to do it. And i have one query is there any way to export the report in cucumber json format using Testcomplete because we are using bdd script structure. 

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        Hi sanjayk 


        Just to be clear, the issue here is how your TM tool is parsing and consuming the xml data rather than the results.xml structure... 


        The .xml junit generated by TestComplete uses a standard structure, which is why im surprised your TM tool cannot parse it correctly. 


        I know using Zephyr Enterprise., you can change parsers and you customize how Zephyr consumes the XML. 


        Can your current Test management tool do this? maybe check with them as I mentioned its a fairly standard structure. 


        If you do want to change the structure  I dont have exact examples but here is an idea of how we add elements and tags  to the structure using external scripts