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6 years ago

When trying Click Action I get message Permission denied to access property in web testing on Firefo

Hi Everyone,   I have got a problem with the error message quoted in the title of this topic, I went through the community and found 3 topics dealing with a similar message but all solutions prop...
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    6 years ago

    Hi Everyone,


    Thanks to the SmartBear support I could go through this issue, so I share here what I have done if it can help someone.


    The issue should be corrected in release 12.60 of TestComplete, but you can temporary bypass this issue using the instruction :

    Sys.Browser.Page("*").contentDocument.Script.execScript("window.onerror = null")

    (in my case, it is VBScript code)


    Note that :

    • the wildcards "*" in the Page method will execute the script on the current loaded page, but you can give a more precise URL if you can, to be sure to execute the script on the page you want
    • the script has to be executed on each web pages causing issue
    • When calling this instruction, make sure that the page is opened, and fully loaded (see SmartBear Documentation on Wait for web pages)


    I hope it could help some of you