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6 years ago

What is the best way to have object repository

we have about 12k objects in our application. right now we have those in excel and everytime execute it take2 min to load it. 

it is in DDT driver. So it is not opened but to loading it takes longer time.

we have edit 51 to edit 1 as object name in each screen. we cant give a common name because if 1 extra object is added or deleted in screen changes then we need to change all scripts.


right now for objects  edit 51 to edit 1  we are giving name for each screen. that is the reason # of objects in excel are growing.

is there a way we can handle ti much easier way?

  • Yes.



    There, done. :-)

    In other words... why have an external object repository when TestComplete has one built in?  There is no "loading" delay.. it's always there.

  • You should not use "MappedName" to find, either.  That's the name of the mapped object... if it's already mapped, there's no need to find it.  

    And no, that is not your Alias name... an Alias starts with Aliases.

    A find should use non-TestComplete designators (wndCaption, ObjectType, etc) for the search.  

    So, since you already have it mapped with something represented by field, you should find the Alias designation and then use something like


    w=Aliases.legaclt.wndLSPANEL3.page32770.WaitAliasChild(field, 30000)


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