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9 months ago

What exactly does “NodeJS upgrade to version 14.21.3.” mean in the 15.54 release notes



we recently updated our TestComplete versions from 15.51 and 15.52 to 15.56. In 15.54 there was the following improvement in the release notes: "NodeJS upgrade to version 14.21.3.". We use Javascript as the scripting language in TestComplete and were wondering if this update would have any positive impact on us. If so, what would they be? (we had hoped that this update would make the use of some new language elements available for classes, such as "static").


The statements about using node.js that I found here are "TestComplete does not use node.js" and "TestComplete does not use node.js like the browsers" (=>, which statement is true?


The use of Javascript and Phyton is advertised because updates are carried out regularly (after it was previously advertised that no one would have to learn a new programming language specifically for test automation due to the huge number of supported scripting languages).


Last point: We actually wanted to look into TestLeft because we could work in a "real" IDE with the programming language most commonly used in our company - but when we looked at the version history we noticed that the last release 15.40 was from March 2022 - the product plays no longer a role at smartbear?


We would be happy to provide answers and explanations...