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9 years ago

What exactly mean by Transaction per second in LoadUI

In a senario i have aTestcase and in that testcase i have 3 test steps.


here the Transaction per second in loadui indiacates the testcase? or TestStep?


 i dont understand what exatcly it mean by TPS..

in the table under the Test Step Metrics it shows 25 TPS


so this means there are 25 transcations per sec 

i ran the test for 1 min so it should be 25 *60 =  transactions = 1500


so 1500 transactions are completed ???


if completed why i dont see 1500 Assetions


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      As per the below description in the link, Transaction per second in LoadUI is nothing but each Testcase per second


      1.3. TPS / BPS Calculation

      Calculation of the different values in the Statistics table is straight-forward for all columns except TPS (transactions per second) and BPS (bytes per second) which can be calculated in two different ways (controlled by the "Calculate TPS/BPS" setting in the LoadTest Options dialog);

      • Based on actual time passed (default):
        • TPS: CNT/Seconds passed, i.e. a TestCase that has run for 10 seconds and handled 100 request will get a TPS of 10
        • BPS: Bytes/Time passed, i.e. a TestCase that has run for 10 seconds and handled 100000 bytes will get a BPS of 10000.
      • Based on average execution time:
        • TPS: (1000/avg)*threadcount, for example avg = 100 ms with ten threads will give a TPS of 100
        • BPS: (bytes/CNT) * TPS, i.e. the average number of bytes per request * TPS.