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    This option allows you to insert coding, make use of it.

    If you want to capture images, then use the Snipping Tool. 

    You don't need to take photographs of your screen!

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    TC Log can only show the output of items as plain list or tree node folders, which include test log items.



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    A much better screenshot ğŸ‘


    You're using innerText, you might want to use a different property, e.g. contentText.


    Since you can't output null, you need to check whether the cell is not null, then output


    You are looping through two rows? Tables have rows and columns, which you need to loop through. 


    For example, here's table

    I can access the contents of each cell via Table("customers").Cell(0, 0), Table("customers").Cell(2, 1) etc where Cell(row, col) values. 

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      Hi rraghvani, I have tried with contentText also it displays empty log while am using innerText only it shows row values. Still, I didn't find solution for this, because of same error in cell

      exactly on for loop I have highlighted,

      for(var t=0;t<table.rows.length;t++)

      for(var u=0;u<table.row.item(t).cells.length;t++)

      Log.message(table.row.item(t).cells.item(u).innerText); tried in debug for cell is Cells is not defined

      and also am having n no.of tables in the current page. I think for cell value it gets confused

      Give me exact solution plz rraghvani

  • Hi all, I have tried and display only the row values and for cell values Error: cannot read property cells of null What mistake I have did here Let me know


  • Hi rraghvani,Thanks for your response, then how can I print the values APY values, which I have previously shared. It shows that error know cell value is null