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4 years ago

Web page need to scroll to see an element

I have an element


I need to drag it until 

(//div [@col-id='XePatientVisit.WorkID.XeWorkflowInstanceState.0.WorkState' ])[2]

shows up. 


There are different entries so the length keeps changing. 


Also changes if I use a  bigger screen.

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    Sorry I should have been more specific.

    I want to do a while loop to scroll this page.FindElement(".ag-body-horizontal-scroll-viewport") until this is present. I set it to continue on errors but I get 

    Unable to find the object "(//div [@col-id='XePatientVisit.WorkID.XeWorkflowInstanceState.0.WorkState'])[2] ". See Details for additional information.

    If I have a bigger screen it fails to find the object.

    I have it set to continue on errors so why am I getting an error


    while Project.Variables.queue == 'blank':

        page.panel19.Drag(x, 5, 86, 3) or  I try page.panel19.Click()

        Project.Variables.queue= page.FindElement("(//div [@col-      id='XePatientVisit.WorkID.XeWorkflowInstanceState.0.WorkState'])[2] ").contentText