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9 years ago

Visual Relation Identifier(QTP) or PriorLabel(Silk test) is any option in Test Complete



I have used Test compleet before  (Test Complete 10v) and i am trying to use the tool again. I am trying to find a edit box in teh java Swing Desktop Application and the Application is having 1000 Edit fields  and it does not have any relation with the label near by and the Edit field has only the Index value so i am unable to map the lable to the edit field which i have to enter the value based on the label. i have a option called Visual Relation Identifer with QTP which would help me to sort this issue by mapping the near by object(label) and silk test is by default providing it as Prior label, is there any option in Test complete to accomplish this now ? or is it planned in any near future because this would a great feature for all. if its existing in version 11 i am using right now. kindly let me know the process to use it.




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