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11 years ago

Virtual App Recording

Hello, I'm trying to record a test on a VB 6 application thru virtual app. Unfortunately, when I stop the recording, none of the steps are getting recorded in testcomplete.

My first question is, does testcomplete support testing of VB6 applications?

Second, can a recording be done thru virtuals apps? If so, how can I get the steps recorded  for testing?



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    Hi Raymond,


    To answer your first question - TestComplete supports VB 6 apps. Refer to the "Testing Visual Basic Applications" article to learn how your tested app must be properly prepared for testing.


    As for recording "through virtual apps", I suppose you are recording the test over the VM window where the tested app is launched, right? It's expected that TestComplete doesn't record a reliable test. To record tests, TestComplete and the tested app must be launched on the same computer.