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13 years ago

VBObject displayed as Window in Object Browser: is this a bug?


Some of the VBObject(s) in my app are shown as Window(s).

See example here for a CommandButton:


Window("ThunderRT6CommandButton", "xxxxxx", 1)

Full Name:

Sys.Process("xxx").VBObject("frmxxxx").Window("MDIClient", "", 1).Window("ThunderRT6Frame", "", 1).Window("ThunderRT6CommandButton", "xxxxxx", 1)

BUT Another Button on same form:



Full Name:


Is this a bug or can someone let me know how to manipulate those Windows in a way that they would behave like VBObjects?



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  • Hi Patrice,

    Let's work on this in the support case you've created recently. Also, in the future, please do not send us duplicated requests (note that we reply to messages sent via the Contact Support form, SmartBear forums and the TestComplete section of the SQAforums site). This makes processing your requests much more difficult for us and does not increase the requests priority anyway.

  • Hi Lane,

    Sure, no problem. I'll post it here when we get some results. The investigation we currently perform requires some sensitive data exchange and therefore should not be published here.

  • Hi Lane,

    As promised, here is a short summary of our results: we had an idea that the problem observed by Patrice is related to the fact that some forms of the tested application are implemented as VB 6 DLL files and the application loads them from the files. This scenario should not actually cause problems, but we haven't tested it. We tried creating a similar application, but failed to reproduce the problem with it. This means that we either did something wrong or the original idea was wrong. Unfortunately, Patrice was unable to provide us with the original tested application, so, we were unable to proceed further in our investigations. 

    If you still need to resolve the problem, please contact us via our Contact Support form so we can work on the problem you faced.