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15 years ago

Using TestComplete API to directly access Windows Objects

I would like to be able to use testcomplete window's object recognition capability but call this from the API.

e.g. Call Aliases.WORDPAD.wndWordPadClass.MainMenu.Click("Format|Font...")

I want to execute this from say, visual basic. Something similar to this.

set ap = CreateObject("TestComplete.TestCompleteApplication")



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  • Hi Sam,

    The only way to do this is to create a connected application (see the "Connected Applications" help topic).

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    So I found the easiest way to get Testcomplete working with Cucumber/Ruby is to convert the TCConnect.bas file included in the VB folder and once you've conneceted to the TC Api you can then use cucumber as the test framework to drive windows automation.

    If anyone is interested in Ruby/Cucumber and TestComplete send me message..samtreweek at gm*il dotcom