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7 years ago

Using same Test in multiple Projects within a TestSuite

I have the problem, that we have a Project Suite now with 2 Projects Hybridmanager and Datamanager and the 2 projects are only different in a couple of tests.


The UI itself is the same except for a few changes therefore I would need a couple of my keyword tests for both Projects and a couple of keyword tests specific for the specific project.


Is there a way to make keyword tests global, so I dont have to manually go through the process of getting the Namemapping for both projects even tho they are identically and instead just use the test in both projects? Copy Paste doesnt work either, sadly (or I dont know how)


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      Additionally, you can do the same with NameMapping... you can add an existing NameMapping file to a project so that you can use it in both.

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        When adding the existing Namemapping am I able to manipulate the namemapping - as for the Hybridmanager there are a few things different than with the datamanager, even tho the test is the same, 1 or 2 items are different and when I change it it changes it in both namemappings.


        Same for tests ... is there something like a hardcopy, which does not break my existing test when I add / remove something?