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5 years ago

Using Project Scripts and Variables in other projects

Hi All

I've been tryong to read the Doc and they ate not making any sence...

I'm trying to implement TestRail into my tests...


So I have a Common Project Suite that has a TestRailProject with 2 Python scripts.

These Python scripts make use of Project declared Variables.


I now want to make use of this TestRail script (inc. varibles) in a different Project Suite.

How do I do this. ??

I was hoping to at to the Keywords UI 'Run Script Routine' and 'Set Variable Value' for my TestRail script and Varibles.


I have found that I can import the scripts per Project... but I have to do that for ALL Projects.... for 8 or so projects... errmmm..

These Imported scripts loose the referemnce to the original project Variable.... errrm...


So looking for recommended and workable ways of using out of project scripts & vars


Thanks in advance

( ?? does the beta 14.4 have improvements in this area ?? )



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