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14 years ago

User Interaction in an Automated Test


I'm hoping to create a demonstration of the functions of Outlook 2010 to new users using AutomatorQA.

To that end, I've started by creating a project that replicates opening and sending a new e-mail.

I'd like this to be interactive : so that when demonstrating the project will , for example, stop part-way through, pending the user clicking on a point on the screen eg in the To box of a blank e-mail.

Once the click has taken place then the test will continue (filling in the e-mail address etc) . Is this possible?

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  • Yes, TC can this ) 

    Sorry, if I'm wrong but may be easily create flash demonstration for it ?)))
  • Hi Gareth,

    You can simply pause and then resume test playback. The default global shortcut for pausing test playback is Shift + F10 (see the Global Shortcuts Dialog help topic for more information).

    Also, you can make TestComplete pause script execution and wait until a specific control is focused (see the Waiting for Object State Changes help topic for more information).