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9 months ago

Use single keyword test to click through identical screens yet with parametrised urls



How can i record a keyword test to go click through screens in app and click same button(i.e. move to next screen)? Although the screen is identical in layout,  because the url has parameters in URL (i.e. plan number) to differentiate each plan yet TestComplete seems to not recognise the button when trying with next plan in sequence.. It creates a new namemapping feature for each individual screen, there must be way i can set up a generic keyword test to recognise the same button on a screen for each individual plan i want to use? If I use a keyword test with one plan, then when i try and use same keyword test on next plan its says cant find the button.


i.e. each page has unique url with plan number inserted in URL, yet the screen itself is the same and location of button to click the same?


New to TestComplete so if anyone can answer would appreciate answer is directed at a  new user.

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