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6 years ago

Use Bamboo to trigger my SmokeTests from another VM

Hi Guys,


I am new to TestComplete & Bamboo, I created set to TestCases to perform Smoke tests and we are using Bamboo for CI.


My question is that how do I use Bamboo to trigger the execution from another VM where Testcomplete & Smoke Testscases are located.


Any response are very much appreciated.


Thanks in Advance


  • Hi Marsha_R tristaanogre


    Appreciate your kind reply and suggestions.


    Yes I have used Martha's suggestion an have a command line paratemeters created in a .cmd file.


    We use pstools.exe to trigger bamboo run this .cmd file in VM(TestServer)  and it is now workfing fine.



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      Hi Marsha_R


      I Appreciate your reply,  I have done some of the command line parameters and works fine, however It's only done locally in VM where TestComplete & Automated Tests are located.     


      The problem I am facing right now it that, how to trigger this command line from Bamboo server(separate VM). I think this is where I missed the gap.  Any Idea how it is being done in Bamboo server?



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        I'm not familiar enough with Bamboo.... but my understanding of most CI tools that trigger test launches is that they send a command to an agent for that agent to execute.  So, in Bamboo, when you set up the command to trigger the test launch, incorporate the command line switches that Marsha_R suggests