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2 years ago

Usage of generated script

I am not really into programming and etc, but recently i got a task on my job to make some autotests. So i decided to use TestComplete, but the issue is, can i take the code that programm automatically generated and use it without the programm itself? As i see, the code in generated scrip is Java, so in theory there should be no problems.

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    Generally speaking, code that does not use any functionality provided by TestComplete, can be used without it. (The question is that you barely need TC in this case.)

    If your code uses any functionality provided by TC (tested application launch, search for UI elements, actions over found elements, etc.) than you need TC to execute such code.

    And no, generated or manually created code can not be converted into any sort of standalone executable that can be executed without TestComplete or TestExecute (which is TestComplete's runtime engine).