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2 years ago

Updating object mapping

Greetings 🙂

I wanted to know if there was a feature that automatically detects that I have changed the properties of an object in the object mapping for all the same objects in a keyword test. So something like "Oh hey, I noticed you changed the settings of that one button, do you want me to apply it to all of the same recurring usages of that button in this keyword test/project/suite"?
Recently my application has seen a large amount of changes. When using test complete to test/run on this new version im working on, it doesn't recognize the object i have once recorded in the previous version of our application.


I've seen the documentation of an update wizard, but it seems as though i have to click on objects for it to detect any changes. I was hoping if there was a more expansive way to update a lot of objects all in one go.


Thank you for your time.



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    Object properties in name mapping are used by TC to search for the UI control; the mapped name is referenced by keyword tests.


    If TC is not able to find the UI control based on it's object properties, then it needs to be updated -



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      Good morning, 

      I understand that, but is there no way test complete can automatically detect these changes and apply it to all of the usages of an object throughout a test? Or a suite? The user must manually updated the object in the wizard at an individual level?