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8 years ago

Unable to spy or select an infragistic treeview item on window 10, TC12

running my script on my new computer to window 10, I counter an issue that I cannot spy any tree item inside TreeView of Infragistics.Win.UtraWinTree.UltraTree, nfragistics.Win.UtraWinGrid 

My script was working fine on Window  window 7. Have talked to our dev, there was nothing different from their perspective.


For example (of course I cannot spy on the tree item anymore on window 10, I use object browser and object map tree to get the folderA object below.  Refer to the attachement for my Object browser tree and object Map)


Set folderA = Aliases.NVivo.NVivo11_MainScreen.MainNavigationPanel.dockableWindow12.navigationControl.navigationUltraExplorerBar.ultraExplorerBarContainerControl1.sourcesUltraTree.Internals.Area_and_Township

Call folderA.Click()

=> Error "There was an attempt to perform an action at point (74, 10) which is transparent or out of the window bounds"



I try another way:

 Set folderObj = Aliases.NVivo.NVivo11_MainScreen.MainNavigationPanel.dockableWindow12.navigationControl.navigationUltraExplorerBar.ultraExplorerBarContainerControl1.sourcesUltraTree
  Call folderObj.ItemClick("|Internals|Interviews")

=> ErrorUnable to find the object ItemClick("|Internals|Interviews"). See Additional Information for details."