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5 years ago

Unable to select Tabs in a Java App

Hello,   I am fairly new to test complete and im running into a problem. Im trying to grab the tabs in a tabed table and it wont see it. It sees it as a single object instead of multiple objects. I...
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    5 years ago

    In my experience, the "Tabs" themselves are not invididual UI objects but controls embedded in the tab.  Notice in your screenshots that it recognizes that the tabs are there with the wTabCount property (there are 4 tabs).


    To click on a tab, usually there is a ClickTab or ClickItem or SelectItem or some similar method on the control to select the specific tab.  Doing a QUICK research in the TestComplete documentation for the Java TabbedPane control type revealed this



    So... you should be able to call ClickTab(0) to click the first tab or ClickTab("My Caption") to click the tab with the indicated caption.