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10 months ago

Unable to record scroll bar in webpage application through Test complete

Hi ,


i have a scroll bar in my application, it has to be scrolled up and down to find and click on the objects. Test complete is not identifying scroll bar.

Tried with drag parameters but not worked.

Do we have any other way to get it done? Please suggest me..


example image(scroll bar):



-->Test Complete version 15.51

--> using keyword tests(playback and recording)

--> using web applications for testing.


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    If you know the exact number of key presses, then you can put it inside a for...loop statement

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      Thanks for responding!


      yes tried with up/down keys , if i'm clicking down key for 20 times , 20 steps are getting recorded inside the keyword test.

      we have a long scroll bar to validate data and pagination functionality at the bottom.