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14 years ago

Unable to recoginze WPF objects from TC 6.53 on Win 7


I have a license of TC 6.53 and all the other prerequisites required for TC to work with WPF apps. Inspite this I am unable to recognize any objects of WPF neither from Finder tool nor through Record and also in Object Browser. Could you please help me get this resolved.


More info

OS: Win 7

Environment: .net 4, WPF

Installed Extensions:  tcThirdPartyControlsHook.dll, tcWPFControls.pls and tcWPFControlsHook.dll.



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    Hi Chetan,

    AFAIK, .Net 4 is not supported by TC6.x.

    I think that official Support will provide you with the answer, meanwhile, I think that you should consider upgrade to either TC7.52 or TC8.
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    Hello Alex,

    As per your suggestion I upgraded from TC 6.53 to 7.52. Inspite of this I am unable to recognize the WPF objects. I still face the same issue as it was in TC 6.53.



  • Hello Chetan,

    TestComplete 7.x does not provide support for .NET Framework ver. 4. You need to upgrade to version 8. See more information on this issue in the following: FAQ entry.