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8 months ago

Unable to load content document in Object Browser

I just upgraded from version 15.57 to 15.59, and now the object browser is no longer able to load the content document for Chrome. All it says is "Error: Exception Occured". I tried it on another machine which is still using 15.57 and it works fine. Everything else is the same. Same exact web page, same Name Mapping file. The only varible is the specific version of TestComplete. Any ideas on how to debug this. Is there a log file somewhere I can look at? Also is there a way I can just rollback to 15.57?

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    We use the Script.eval functionality of contentDocument, and experienced the same issue where it stopped working in version 15.58 (and also 15.59).  I opened a case over a week ago.  Perhaps open a case with them as well.

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    We have a similar problem with you. We can not recognize any object  in Chromium Embedded Framework since updated to version 15.58/15.59. The whole page becomes one single object and have a Error when using object spy. We now rollback to 15.57 by uninstall first and install a 15.57

    Installation package.( TestComplete1557.exe)
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    I don't have this error message, but I cannot access the JS objects defined under contentDocument. I hadn't found this discussion, so I've opened mine as "Difference in JavaScript support with TC 15.61".

    I've noticed it at TC 15.61, but after testing previous versions, I have the same breaking point between 15.57 and 15.58.