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6 years ago

unable to identify objects in security warning page in chrome

I am automating a Web UI using chrome and when I launch my web URL, I would get below securing warning page.


Challenge Faced - Using Testcomplete’s object spy, I am unable to identify any object in the above screen (including ‘ADVANCED’ button). As a result, before running any automated script inside this web UI, I would have to manually click ‘Advanced’ followed by ‘proceed’ button in the next screen, post which Testcomplete is able to identify objects in the further screens.

I have tried adding this weblink to the list of trusted sites for Chrome.

I am using TC/TE12.4 and have added TestComplete extensions to the new Chrome (Version 68). Still facing the problem.

Any help is much appreciated!

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  • Unable to identify the link "Advanced" and click on it.
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      Posted the screenshot where i am unable to identify objects using objectSpy.

      Please help...

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        Any solution for this issue , I am also facing the same.