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14 years ago

Unable to get buttons on toolbar

Hi guys,

TestComplete doesn't seem to recognize the buttons on toolbars in the software I'm working on.

When I tried to record mouse click on one of the buttons, it showed only clicking on the toolbar with some coordinates; and when I tried to do object checkpoint, it only highlighted the whole toolbar, but not the individual buttons. I don't really want to depend much on coordinates as when the developer changed the layout of the toolbar, or when the window is minimized, the old recorded script won't work anymore.

What can I do to solve this? Or is there any better way to do the button clicks

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  • Hi Suraj,

    Toolbar items are not recognized as individual objects in TestComplete. You need to work with them via the toolbar object's methods and properties. Please see "Working With Toolbars" and related help topics for information.

    If you still fail to make your scenario work, please tell me the control's name, vendor, and version. We'll try to help you with a corresponding suggestion.