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3 years ago

typeinfo.dat not checking out with source control after updating to TC15.

Has anyone else been having issues with check-out and editing tests since upgrading to TC15? It seems that it no longer checks out the NameMapping\typeinfo.dat and so if we try to check in our changes we get access denied, then the execution plan gets wiped out.


If I pull up VS Source Control and check out that file (after checking out the rest from TC) then I can make edits and check them in just fine. It even checks in the TypeInfo.dat file.

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      After doing some more testing, this appears to have also been happening before TC15, we just didn't notice because we had not made changes to the name mappings for a little while. I just opened a test and created a new onscreen action and pointed at a random thing, then tried to check in. It is failing to check in because of this error:



      Anyone have any thoughts on why our tests are failing to check in when we change name mappings? If typeinfo.dat is not part of Source Control, why is TC attempting to edit it when when change name mappings? Do we have something misconfigured?