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2 years ago

TypeError: Sys.WaitBrowser is not a function - Caused by DIsabled Extension

I had something odd happen, and I was able to resolve it, but I am not sure why it occurred.  So, I thought I would share it with others who may run across the same issue, since I was not able to find any information in the forums.

I restarted my computer, after fully closing out of TestComplete.  After I opening TestComplete and my Project file, when I ran a test I had run earlier I got a "TypeError: Sys.WaitBrowser is not a function" dialog as shown here:


This particular function has not been changed in years, so it was puzzling why it suddenly stopped working and would not identify my open browser window.

Turns out, somehow in the restart of TestComplete or my computer that the Web Module was disabled.  After an hour of wasted time, I finally figured out that was the issue.  To resolve, go to File -->  Install Extensions -->  Enable the Web module...

This occurred in Version: x64

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    This happened to me today after i updated Test Complete.

    Luckily without wasting much time found this post - Thank you.


  • Hello,


    I have the same problem today with TestExecute 15.57.2.
    And it can be reproduced systematically!
    All extensions are activated.


    Strangely enough, I don't see the same problem on TestComplete (same version)!

    So I find myself validating tests tested with TestComplete as OK and running them non OK on my virtual machine with TestExecute!?


    Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?